Starting Out - How to Purchase


I think that is a really cool machine and versatile as well. I was wondering though if someone can explain how to properly purchase what you need to create a CNC machine for wood?

I saw the bundle package and I was wondering if that includes all the parts printed and everything.

I was also wondering it sound like you can print the parts yourself if you had access to a printer.

I am not very technologically oriented so I am a little lost. Any help would be appreciated.


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The parts bundle is everything but the board, printed parts, LCD screen and spindle. A friend that introduced me to the MPCNC printed my parts and beefed them up by increasing the infill and outer shell. I dont know if it helps or hurts but the printed parts are the least of my worries. If you have access to a 3D printer you can print your own parts but I would suggest buying the hardware kit and board from the V1 store. There are cheaper products out there but you never know what you are going to get. I know I am getting quality parts from Ryan.

Okay I think I am understanding how this is working.

So the Mostly Printed parts package will get me everything but the plastic parts for the frame and such. I can then either print my own parts myself or I can purchase the plastic parts separately.

The way I am understand this now is kind of getting the essential parts and creating the other parts yourself.


If I am doing wood working what would you suggest for a good bundle to get?

Also I can print my own parts if I know where to get the print files from. Are those available on the website as well?

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You should verify what size EMT you can source locally, I took a pair of calipers with me. I built mine with 23.5mm EMT and now wished I would have used 25.4mm EMT.

Here are the files

And I think there is only one parts bundle.

As far as the board goes, I bought the Rambo v1.4 thinking I might want the upgrade ability in the future but I should have bought the mini Rambo, I doubt I will ever need the v1.4.

Have a look at the drop down menu, and go through each page one at a time. The first page, specs, should actually clear all of this up, then parts, and assembly.

Do not spend a single penny until you look through those pages. I try to keep every sentence to a minimum, it really is best to read through it all.


From the shop it has links as well.

You will still need printed parts, conduit, and a spindle.

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