Starting up the MPCNC

Is there a prosiest to follow when starting up the MPCNC for the first Time?

Well yes. Have you made the pen holder yet? And drew the crown picture? The first thing I did (2 months ago) was centered the head and started the first project. No bit, no pen. Just the pen holder. I had set the XY to left corner. It crashed into the rails. So, center the machine and watch where it goes. BE READY TO SHUT IT DOWN IF IT GOES WILD.

If you have gotten this far, let me know. If you drew the Crown, let me know. Buy the 1" foam from Lowes and use it for ever project you make. It’s cheaper than wood and more forgiving.


I just finished wiring it up. I do have the pen holder.

Mount the pen holder. Did you buy the LCD controller?

You have to have a way to load the file into your machine. The LCD has an SD card slot to upload the file. Or you need Repetier connected to a computer. I use the LCD controller.

By the congratulations for completing your build. It’s a lot to figure out. I’m here to help along with others in the forum.

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I do have the LCD controller. I got everything from Ryan.



Sorry, It’s late here. Have you downloaded the CROWN picture yet? You need that and the pen holder mounted with a pen and paper close by.

I thought that was done when you got the board from Ryan.



You are correct. The board has Marlin on it. The Marlin decipers the Gcode program so your machine can make it. When you upload the Crown file onto an SD card, it has gcode on it. Marlin reads that and tells the stepper motors what direction to go. It takes both to make something.


The link Ryan posted above will help you find your way and we’re all here to help too. Be patient and walk away if you get frustrated.

I didn’t do that and I was kinda difficult to help because of my frustration. Several people still managed to get me through my build and my machine is great. I discovered that what I thought was major problems took two seconds to fix - and I’m mean literally 2 seconds.

All of us have been where you are so we can help you 100%. I’m on lay off right now and check the forum frequently so just ask and I’ll walk you through where the links are and answer questions as best as I can. Once you understand how it all works together you’ll be having fun making stuff.