State sales tax

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I wonder my home state sales are so low compared to the rest of the world…10%…

At least you’re not in Maryland. They tax you for the rain there.

I’m in Oregon, no sales tax except what’s built into the gasoline prices, and the rain is always free!

The rain here in Denmark is still free, but the sales tax is 25% …

Makes you want to save all your money and move to Mexico.

When a business buys flour to make bread, do they pay the VAT?

well… the short answer would be no :slight_smile: (they do pay it, but it is later returned…)

Ours is 8.25%

Well, thanks, I actually feel better about it now. From my end it can be tough. Some days I only see sales tax, credit card processing fees, shipping fees, state tax and federal tax, admin fees. Other days I just take a step back and realize, how freaking awesome my job can be.

I pay 8.25% like David. State takes 6.25, county takes 1%, and local area takes 1%.

There’s a mall here in Lakewood, CO that has a 1% or 1.5% fee on all purchases. It’s not included in the advertised price, so it seems like someone should sue them for it.

This same mall had their roof destroyed in a hail storm, and shut the mall down for 6 months. Water all over the storws. The insurance the mall told the tenants to buy doesn’t cover the damage to their stuff, or the lost income from an entire summer of being shut down. I wonder if they are still paying rent. The storm was in May, and they are saying it will be open in November. Should be interesting to see what is still going to be there when it opens.

Everyone wants a percentage. Hands out from every angle.

A friend is scouting restaurant locations and I guess it is common for the landlords to get 3% of sales…that blew my mind.

That’s pretty crazy. I always think about incentives though, and if your landlord wants to repave the parking lot, at least they have some motivation to do it in a way that doesn’t affect business.