STEMFIE printable construction set

I tripped across this today, I felt like sharing it for anyone who may be interested.
I haven’t heard of it, nor did seaching the forums come up with any results, so I felt it safe to just make a new topic.
It appears to be a fully 3D-printable construction set, which reminds me of the Erector sets, K’nex, ect…
Looks like a lot of fun for kids (who am I kidding, I’d have a blast with these).

TinkerCAD even has some of the parts built in to their catalog.


My dad’s mom lived pretty far away, and there were 5 of us and one of her, so she came to visit us a lot more frequently than we went to visit her. On one of these rare visits we dug out my dad’s old original steel Erector set, and it had an electric motor with a reversible gearbox and pulleys. The motor weighed a ton and had to be plugged in to the wall (and the cord was pretty worn), so no self-propelled projects, but we built a Ferris wheel driven by a loop of string. Had to be careful when it was running - lots of sharp edges and pinch points, but loads of fun to put together.


That is cool!!

I remember that motor from my dads set it was a beast…

That’s the one

I love the idea, but like many things I want to print I wonder if it’s just better all round to buy the commercial version? I’ve just had a look online before I madly start melting filament, and have discovered significant amounts of good old fashioned Meccano (in metal) for not much money at all.

Maybe my grandkids can learn to like patina. :smiley: