Step-by-step guide?

Hi all,

Is there a step-by-step guide for building the MP3DP? My daughter want to build one and I don’t want to be bothered to much :wink: Even a MP3DP like guide is ok(ish)


this might help
Its the closest i can find

Tnx, I know that page, but it is not really a guide suitable for a 17 year old :wink:

No. There really isn’t. It is really more of a project than a product. I will say it is pretty forgiving and outside of the actual 3D printer parts, it is pretty hard to screw up. But the real test is getting it set up and tuned. It shouldn’t be much of a problem for someone who has owned another 3D printer already, especially if they built from a kit. But it isn’t a great first printer build.

However, if you could be bothered (I am assuming you are pretty comfortable with 3D printers) it would be challenging enough to be an excellent learning experience. At the end, I’m sure she will know a ton. Much more than just running settings for an ender 3.

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Strong point. After she read your reply, she got more confident. I found some series on Youtube and with the proper coaching I think she will manage.

If she has issues, just post pics of where she’s stuck, there’s someone here almost all the time that can help.

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Thanks, my question was because she has to write a report for school (it is her end term project). I can explain her the order to build the printer. Your reply gives me another chapter in her report, which is the importance of open-source and a community to help you :slight_smile:


You should encourage her to make a build thread so anyone can help her at anytime. I’m really looking forward to seeing her complete this project.


Well, I proposed them to make a build tread, and they are thinking about it. (My daughter and a friend are working together on this project). Because I coach them, I have to know that to do, so I am building a second one along side (you can’t have enough printers and I want a cartesian printer besides my Delta).

Sneek peek :slight_smile:

Now, waiting for the right screws to arrive, Why don’t you guys across the pond just use metric…



Price and availability. I use metric when I can though.

Hello, sorry to post here, but I can’t create new topics. I’ve decided that I want to build my own 3D printer (not from a kit) and was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to which 3D printer I should build. I want to build something somewhat challenging as I’m a student mechanical engineer with some free time and I have a budget of around $200-$400. If anyone has any suggestions or links to guides, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The most common type is a prusa i3 design, with a moving bed for the Y axis, a rising Z with an X axis on the gantry. There are a bazillion types of that. The MP3DP is this type and it is a fun project.

The next most common is where the XY moves with a corexy mechanism, which is pretty interesting. And the bed moves up and down to get the Z. Some kits are the hypercube, D cube, grid bot. You will struggle to get in under $400 though. This seems much more interesting as a mech eng. Student because things seem less coupled to me, so it would be more rewarding to change out different parts.

You can also build the MPCNC and have it do 3D printing. Unfortunately, dimensions that are good for milling aren’t the best for printing and the best for printing aren’t good at milling. It will also not be a beginner project.

Also, I thought even new users could make new posts. Weird.