Step by step video - adding laser tool to LowRider

Hi All,
Hope everyone continues having fun with their builds or in making dust.
I recently added 5W banggood laser to my LR2.
If anyone interested in step by step video on how it’s done as a reference, here’s a link:

This forum discussions on the subject helped me a lot.


Thank you so much for sharing. I’m definitely going to install a laser on my LR2 .

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Hi Alex,
Thanks for the video. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to add a laser to my setup. Are you able to share the link to the laser that you purchased?
Thanks, Jake

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Thanks for the video, nice one. :slight_smile:

On the topic of lasers, I am wonders which focus type would be best, I know you can get ones where the laser has to be almost touching, have you looked into those? Since the low rider likes riding low, what disadvantages would there be? All the comes to mind is if you have to engrave a curved surface like a bamboo stick with varying focal lengths, does the longer focus allow for more power at the various levels or does it matter?

As for air assist, would an airbrush like setup be the equivalent of the dual fans? How much air makes a difference?


Jake, I got my laser from here:

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I’m not an expert on laser setups by any stretch.
I can’t tell much about options for air assist, I went with what what easy and inexpensive to get or what I had already available.
On the Lens side of things, I think you are correct: “longer focus allows for more power at the various levels”

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