I’m switching over to a different board. I just want to know what the step/mm is for the x,y and z.

I have 100 for the x and y

and 1600 for z

that is for 1/16th micro setting. Does this sound right?

I don’t think your Z is correct.

no? why?

isn’t your t8 2mm per rev, not 1.25 right?

You have M8 selected, 2mm/rev. If that is what you have then yes you are correct.

The T8 I sell are 8mm/rev.


I do not know what you have and you have not put up any pictures so I can’t really help, besides the previous link.

I have your t8 for the z axis. when i looked up t8 it says its 2mm/per rev. you say its 8mm per rev? Is it because it has 4 starts?


Mine are 8mm/rev.

Use the values and check with the actual machine, start with tiny 0.1mm movements.

ok, thanks. that’s where I guess I got confused. I read online t8 was 2mm pitch. Makes sense if it has 4 starts 4x2=8. Ok, so I’m looking at 400 steps/mm for my z than. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The 8 in T8 is just diameter. In the reprap world T8 2mmx4start is by far the most common so I never bother to specify.

Ya, I knew t8 meant 8mm, that’s why I put m8 in the calculator because there was no t8 option. Thanks for the help.