Step per revolution / Distance per revolution

Hi, trying to set correct the travel distances, if I

  • AX10 runs 10mm
  • AX50 runs 50.05 mm
  • AX100 runs 101 mm
  • AX400 runs 404 mm
  • AX500 runs 505 mm
  • AX600 runs 606 mm
    No matter how I change the settings, the difference always increase with the distance.

You are off by a consistent 1%. I assume you are referring to a MPCNC and are running Marlin. You can “fix” the problem by changing the steps per mm either from the display or by running a bit of g-code, but I suggest trying to figure out where this inaccuracy is coming from before making any changes. All the components on the MPCNC have fixed ratios, so a 1% inaccuracy should not be happening.

Agree, already check all the axis for tightness, all stepper drivers and motors are the same for all axis.

You can fix your problem by reducing the number of steps per mm in the firmware by 1%. Is the problem the same for the Y axis?