Stepper Drivers Appear to be Dead...

So I just spent the entire day troubleshooting this hands on and reading forums.

The problem: motors won’t move. Everything else seems fine.

I’m going to take a guess that it might have broken during its last catastrophic job. The table rocked so bad that it actually disconnected one or two of the motors from the RAMBo 1.4. Lessons learned from that failure, so let’s not dwell on it…

Anywho, would that mean that a disconnect with a driver active will kill that channel? No channels work, and there is no visible damage to the drivers.

I’ve tried every motor in every socket, and verified at least one motor pin-out from motor to connector to verify the continuity of the extension. I only tried moving the motors from the LCD screen. Also checked the fuse.

Any other way I’m missing to test the drivers? I don’t have another board handy to test the motors.

If my drivers are dead, is the board still salvageable?

if the chips blown then no your stuck, you could use the motors in series only needing 3 drivers.

or if you have signal out before the driver you could use an external drv8825.

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None of the channels work, so I don’t think the wiring in series would work. How do I verify the signal output to see if I can use and external driver? Piggy back to that, Will dual endstops still work with an external driver? If they won’t then I’ll probably just order an Archim.

hi, when i read through i though it said only one didn’t work. but if all drivers are dead you may as well get a new board.

the mks gen l v1 is cheap and the drv8825, can be had for under £20/$, mine was £14 and the drivers £1 each.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll give those a go in case I do something stupid again.

Stupid question - have you checked the motor fuse? It feeds all 5 stepper motor drivers - hard to believe all 5 died.

Not stupid at all - first thing I checked and replaced for good measure just in case.

True - it is hard to believe all drivers died, but I’m not getting anything out of them.