Stepper motor connection name

Trying clean up the wiring on my lowrider, and want to make an adapter for the stepper motor , but looking for the the name of the connector.

My CNC Shield and RAMPS boards both use dupont connectors, but other controllers use different connections. What board do you have?

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The connection to your stepper (which is sometimes hardwired), is different than the connection to your board, which can be different than the connection to any extension cables you have. The names for these specific connections (for specific boards) have come across this forum, but the connections to everything besides the direct connection to the stepper can almost always be made by Dupont connectors. The drawback to using Dupont connectors is that the they don’t lock together, so you just have to tape them and/or provide strain relief. If you are looking for the specific locking connector, then you are going to have to give details (pictures help) of that connector.

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both of these answered my question. I am looking on how to use either cat5/6 cable (RJ45 ends and Keystone Jacks) or the bulkhead connectors

something like this


My end goal is clean and tidy cables , just need to figure out how to do it.

I have the SKR board , and the stepper motors based on what Robert said are dupont connectors

The SKR Pro board uses JST-XH connectors.
In this post you can see an example of me rewiring the stepper motor connector with the JST ones.

If you are going to buy them you can either buy the connectors, or connectors with a cable. I took the last option since my stepper wires are not long enough, so it was easier that way to extend them.
Just resolder them, add some heat shrink tubing, and make a loop to strap them together. That way there´s little chance of breaking the connection.

One tip, if you´re buying them; buy some connectors for the end stops and lcd display too! I forgot one for the LCD so that´s on my to do list:)

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