Stepper Motor Current Specifications


I was wondering about the stepper motor current specs, the parts list say that you require a 2A stepper motors for the MPCNC build.

They are very hard to find in my region. I have found these ones on aliexpress, their current rating is 1.5A, can these be used as a substitute?

Please help me out here, as i’m quite a newbie to the the technical side of things. I’ll be using Arduino Uno with the Ramps 1.4 shield.

Rather than looking for current ratings, look for torque instead. 84oz/in or 59N/cm should be good.

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I have it stated 42oz/in or better 60+ preferred. Not sure where 2 amp comes from I sell 1.5A.

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Hey Ryan,
Thanks a lot for reverting and resolving my query, I got mistaken by the 2A because of the motor specs on the Amazon link you have shared(screenshot attached). I’ll go ahead and purchase according to the specs you have stated.

Very excited to start of this project! Will share the WIP of the build.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Hey Bill, thanks for the info.

Hello again,

I had a lot of trouble finding the suitable stepper motor here in India. I have finally found this one:

Its holding torque is 97 oz/in | 68 N/cm.

My concern regarding this one is that it has a higher inductance and resistance rating, as compared to the ones you are recommending. (Screenshot attached below)

Is this something that I’ll have to worry about? I’ll be using my MPCNC build on paper, foam & milling wood.
Please help me out on this bit, I have assembled everything except electronics bit. Thanks in Advance.


If your drivers can handle them than you are fine.

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I was planning on using DRV8825 drivers. Do you think that they will handle the motor config?

DRV8825 capable to output up to 2.2A if you will properly make cooling

Hello, im thinking on buying the same motors, did you do the project with that model? Did they work?