Stepper motor moving problem

Hello guys!

Just like everybody said: what cool project! I loved putting the LowRider2 together and just finished the electrics. But in the first run I have problems with the movement of my motors. All the motors are making a really loud noise and aren’t moving. They only go about 5mm to the left and back to the right. I captured in this video:

What am I missing…?

Thanks for the answers!

What controller and drivers do you have?

That looks like it’s skipping steps, which could be drivers that arent tuned, or a wiring issue, or something is sticking. Is it moving smoothly when you move it by hand?

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It could also be a power supply issue.

I have a Mini Rambo board (replica) with the Marlin installed as mentioned on this site (

  • I have checked the wires, there oke. Even if I put the steppers directly on the board, the problem won’t go away.
  • Drivers arent tuned, what do you mean?
  • Moving by hand is not a problem

I have checked the supply. The powersupply is giving 12,22V output to the board.

I remember a couple people having problems with mini rambo clone boards… I think maybe the pinout on the stepper motors was incorrect. Sorry I don’t know where the post is but it’s somewhere in these forums.



On the RAMPS, there is a little screw thay adjusts the current. The mini rambo has a digipot that controls the current. I agree with Greg, it sounds like the pins might be wrong.


I have Read it in the forum. I ordered an original Ultimachine board (hard to find in Europe!). When I’m returning from my vacation I will check if that’s the solution


After a beautiful vacation, the original board arrived. And it works!!!

Thanks for the help guys

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