Stepper Motors aren't moving

Just finished my build and connected it up to Repetier Host. I am not getting any errors within the console log of Repetier Host. I went through the other posts where people had the same issue and I don’t think I have made any of the same mistakes that they have. All the hardware and electronics were purchased from Vicious1 and I know he tested before it was sent out. Not sure where I went wrong. I posted photos of my build below. Hopefully someone can pinpoint the mistake I made. Thanks!

Forgot to mention, there is a slight buzzing sound from the power supply. Not sure if that is normal.

Pretty sure you don’t have the motors wired correctly. If you have my wiring harness it is definitely wrong.

Mac or PC?

You were absolutely correct. Everything works like a charm now. Thanks, I can sleep peacefully tonight! (or dream of all the things I want to mill :))