Stepper motors have a high pitch buzz

So I first bought all the electronics from a cheap china seller and had bad results. Thinking that it was because of the quality, I purchased legitimate electronics from Ebay. The results I had from the china knock off and the legitimate versions were exactly the same. I’m wondering if buying the electronics from you will make any difference or not.

Here’s the problem: In repetier host, I go to move the x axis through manual controls. The stepper motor will move, but then at the end of the movement, there will be a high pitched buzz coming from the stepper motor which is accompanied by vibration. When it is making movements, it is fine, but when it is in the idle position, there will be varying pitches. Sometimes when I put in smaller steps, the motor will not even move.

I tested the stepper motors with my printrbot board and they are all functioning perfectly fine. I altered the current going through the motor with the potentiometer, but when the sound disappears, so does the ability for the stepper motor to step.

Is there something that I am missing with flashing the firmware? or something I was supposed to update in repetier host?

I really want to get this project working! Thanks in advance!

You need to set the voltage in your stepper drivers.
Sounds like you have them set at maximum, hope you didn’t fry them already. Google the brand you have and follow a tutorial.
link to the pololu 8825 tuning in this post,

I turned calibrated it using the video but it still has a buzz. I When i turn the potentiometer low enough to have no noise, there isn’t enough current to drive the motor.

I assume that the ramps 1.4 and arduino setup is able to make the stepper motor completely silent when it is in holding position because that’s the way it is for the printrbot printrboard. Am I correct in assuming that?

I was also reading online and the high pitch frequency could be due to “switching frequency” being in the audible range. Is there a way to modify that frequency in the arduino software?

Are you sure you are using the right step rate?

You really are giving no details about what you are using, makes it kinda hard to help.

I uploaded the 32nd stepping firmware onto the Ardunio Mega 2560 and have the three jumper pins for each axis.

I’m using your recommended parts list but just bought from Aliexpress

Did you check the voltage? If you are running the drivers as they came from China That would explain it, it is more than twice the recommended voltage. This will also damage them and possibly the steppers.

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