Stepper Motors Hissing

Just getting started with the wiring/software portion of this build, and testing the x-axis motors.
Downloaded repetier host and applied these settings and then connected to ramps. i was able to control the x axis manually but the motors started hissing quite audibly, so i disconnected everything. searching online it seemed like maybe i am applying too much current to the motors, but i bought the kit from vicious1 site, with preloaded firmware, so i guess i assumed the current was already preconfigured. is there a step i am missing or is there something else that could be causing the issue??


Yes you are preconfigured, I set them all but with these new kits you can actually turn them down if you would like. The hiss usually goes away once you are in motion, it is not harming the steppers unless they are getting really hot.

Some do it some don’t for some reason.

You can double check just to be certain. I set them just under 0.7V before shipping. could have gotten bumped or something.

cool i will double check them then not worry about it afterwards.

just being cautious i guess.

thanks for all you do!

Hi Jake,


Did you manage to resolve the hissing issue? Just ran the first checks on my mpcnc with the repetier-host… First few stepper moves seem ok… then steppers start hissing and won’t move anymore… Once i disconnect and reconnect with the repeties-host i am able to move steppers once more…

Any ideas?