Stepper Motors will not move backwards

I have completed the assembly of the CNC but for some reason when I connect to Repetier my stepper motors only go forwards. When I try to go backwards there is a high pitched noise and the Stepper Driver associated with the axis I am moving start to heat up. At this point, I just unplug the power since I do not think this is a good thing to have. I have attached pictures of how I set up the Ramps and how each connection with the wiring kit is done.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Did you get the board from me? Are you using my firmware?

I got the Ramps 1.4 on eBay (same as the one from your store) but I followed the software instructions on your site to flash Marlin to the Arduino mega. I flashed the Arduino with the configuration.h hex file from the link.

You need to flash the complete package not just config.h.

I have the whole Marlin folder downloaded but how do I go about flashing everything?

Unzip the file to a folder, and double-click on the “Marlin.ino” file. Tab over to configuration.h, and ensure that all of the lines at the website below match.

The rest is pretty self explanatory (verify Port in the Tools menu, upload)

Second: confirm wiring… 2B and 2A are a pair, and need to go to their own coil. likewise with 1B/1A. If this is the issue, the motors should not move at all; but I’ve seen weirder things.

Third: Are all of your Microstepping jumpers in place, under the Pololu drivers?

Fourth: Have you calibrated your Pololu drivers properly?

I made the changes to configuration.h but how do I go about uploading all the tabs in Marlin.ino to my Arduino? Sorry if this is a simple question but I cannot figure out how to do it. You say “verify port in tools menu, upload” but that only allows me to upload one sketch and not all of them.

If you downloaded my file you not need to make any changes, are you sure you downloaded the right files?

I’m not at the shop right now but I would try googling “upgrade 3d printer firmware” that should give you plenty of videos step by step of what needs to happen, just make sure you use my firmware.

When you click the Upload button in Arduino, it compiles all of the tabs together, into one file, and uploads it to the Arduino.

Anyhow, I need to get my mind off of this thing for a few days… 22 hours into re-printing my Roller_F’s, the filament ran out on my 3d printer :confused: