Stepper Motors won"t run

I bought the MPCNC PRIMO with Bundle from the V1 Engineering website. The build is complete but I have not been able to get the wiring right. Everything powers up but the monitor says "there is no printer attached. I am attaching photos showing power off and power on. I would appreciate any and all help I can get! I am an Old Dog trying to learn something new but I am cjrrently overwhelmed.

Thanks in advance for the help.

These are the photo links. I hope they work.

Again, Thanks.

That screen uses the gray cables for “marlin mode”. You can switch by holding the knob down for 10s and choose marlin.

The tft mode uses the black 5 pin cable. You also need to flash the tft screen with v1 style firmware for the touch screen to work.

Either way, you need to flash the skr pro.

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Thank you Jeff. I’ll give it a try in the morning!

I tried it your way Jeff except flashing the SKR which according to the directions was pre-installed. I’ve checked to make sure there are no open wires. I’ve checked all the voltages. But…no joy. Now what?

The gray ribbon cables run your board in Marlin mode. There is a black ribbon cable that connects the TFT firmware to the control board for use in touch screen mode, and I do not see the black cable in your picture. As Jeff mentions, if you hold the knob down for 10 seconds, you will be in Marlin mode and can move the motors using Marlin’s built-in display support (assuming you have the gray cables correctly connected). In order to get the touch display to work, you will need to add the black ribbon cable.

I’m pretty sure the skr pro also needs to be flashed. Unless Ryan changed something. It is a quick thing to flash it.

Well, I guess I bit off more than I can chew. I’ve read and read and still don’t know how to flash the SKR board. Help please, in detail. I’m not as computer literate as I thought I was.

Download this zip file:

Unzip that. Inside, there will be a firmware.bin and another zip.

Copy the firmware.bin onto the microsd card on the skr. Then safely eject it and put it into the skr pro (with the power off). Power up the skr. Wait a full minute (it takes much less time, but I’m not sure how long). Power off the skr and put the microsd card back in the computer. The firmware will be renamed “firmware.cur”. The skr is flashed.

I followed your instructions and the board indicates it is flashed but there no resolution to the problem. Still, nothing is working as it should. The monitor screen doesn’t show the correct information. Everything seems to be in the exact same state as before. I know it is going to end up being something really stupid but I don’t have the expertise to prove anything here.

I noticed that the modification date shown for the .cur was in 2019. If it was just done today shouldn’t it reflect today’s date?

Rhe board probably set that date, and my guess is it has no freaking clue what date it is :slight_smile:

If your screen says, “no printer attached”, then it isn’t talking to your board. The screen won’t reflect that the firmware on the skr has changed.

So let’s switch it to Marlin mode. Hold the knob down for 10s and then choose marlin mode. If you restart it, you should see a version number, like v510D

I’m in Marlin and the message on the screen is LCD12864 Simulator. I flashed the board again and it still shows the same msg.

This pic shows the file name after flashing. It’s not what you showed in your previous msg.

I just built my first MPCNC a few weeks ago and went through this same process. A few things to check.

  1. From the pictures it looks like you have the red jumpers in the stock positions for the drivers. The docs show the correct positions for the jumpers. Follow the link that Jeffeb3 provided above, and look for the section listed as UART for the correct setup.

  2. When doing the firmware upgrade on the board, the docs state to remove the TFT display cables during this process. Not sure if it matters, but I am sure it is documented there for a reason :slight_smile: This is listed in further down the docs under Firmware.

Hope this helps getting your steppers moving.


Thank you Curly! Is your setup ising the SKR-PRO-1.2? I’m a bit confused in that it says in the docs that the board comes already set up but I’m finding out that isn’t really true. So I haven’t moved any jumpers. So I guess I need to know if the jumpers are correct as they are or should the 2,3& 4 jumpers need to be removed.

I’m finding out that, in this game at least I am 6 years old!

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Yes, I have the same board and purchased from V1 as well. I set it up exactly as described in the docs and also updated the firmware on both the board and TFT/display using those docs.

I used the dual-end stops and wanted to make sure that it had the proper and most up to date firmware installed.

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