Stepper power and included motors in kit

I added a fan to my board, and the steppers are staying at room temperature now (heatsinks actually feel cold to the touch). I hadn’t touched my kit’s potentiometer before yesterday when I turned them just very very slightly. I’m wondering though - with the included drivers, and the included motors, can the stepper output more power than the motor can handle? The motors are staying luke warm, not hot at all, would that be a good judge of too much power going to them? Would I be safe to turn it up as long as the motors stay cool?

You can turn them up pretty high when you have a fan on them. I have had them up to a reading of 1.2v. But really I think .9v is about perfect with a fan. It does not seem do gain to much power though.

Sorry I should clarify. 1.2 on the X and Y axis. I think you can go to about .7 or .8 on the Z. Just check all the temps. Nothing should be hot. Really though at the voltages if you loose that fan there is a good chance you will loose the drivers. I would nudge it up a bit from stock but to be safe that’s fine.