Stepper Series Wiring

is there anywhere you can buy the stepper series cables this side of the pond, again ordering from the states is too expensive for shipping OR

is the below acceptable solution as I have all the bits required

Both my machines are wired with cat-5 patch cables.

This is from the stepper port on the board. The stepper side is wired red to orange, green to green, black to brown, and blue to blue for B keystone pinout. You should check the pairs though, there isn’t a color standard, but that’s probably correct.

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Either method will work (the one you linked, or the CAT-5 RJ Barry shared)

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As far as I know it is DIY or me. I have them custom made as I could not find any, anywhere.

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Hadn’t got as far as the wiring in the build guide, should of checked first before posting