Stepper Tuning

I tried to dig up the thread where I was directed to a Toms3D YouTube vid for the z Probe. The thing was the video was actually about making your 3d printer quieter - it just happened to include the probe info. It struck me as funny because I’d been meaning to ask if anyone had ever tuned the stepper motors specifically to get music out of them while watching prints roll and sure enough - it’s all been done (soft reference to a Barenaked Ladies song of the same name).

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to 3d print a song. Some random plastic sculpture that represents stepper motors recreating the song. It could be the next modern art.

There are gcode files on thingiverse that play some like from the original Nintendo. They don’t print anything, just move the steppers.

Where’s the tom video?

At the last job we had the imperial march saved on the printer for that random time you might want to “impress” your friends.

It was this one. Actually nothing about the BL Touch - not sure how I got here but I was able to find info about the Touch.