Stepper with Integrated Lead Screw

Has anyone given any though to something like this as an upgrade for the MPCNC? I have seem what good it can do for the new Prusa i3 MK2 and eliminating the wobble having a lead screw coupled the stepper motor.

Photo or link?

Yes, I have used this a long time and it works pretty good. You will need to alter the STLs a bit to fit the lead screw nut but it was fairly easy with Tinkercad to mash up the normal STL with an STL of a nut mount from elsewhere.

They changed it after I got mine though (yet kept the same Amazon listing which I find a bit shady), and you won’t know what kind your local Amazon warehouse has. Some have brass nuts, others have Delrin. Some are about the same size as the original motor, others are smaller (not good). You don’t know until you get it though unfortunately.