Steppers not responding in any way

Bought Rambo with series wiring, ordered Dual Endstop wiring later, so was able to successfully use Xloader to flash to the 510D firmware.

Steppers have never received any power at any time. Wiring is correct per diagrams. Red on the the left.
End stops are wired to the outside pins

Repetier host will connect and it auto sends m105 temperature requests.

Oh and the LCD screen manual movements will not operate the steppers either.

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hm, seems I missed the part where a jumper is needed for the power hahaha. on to testing, wish me luck!


ok steppers are working, but unable to send commands using Repetier Host. Any ideas here?
see screenshot.

I was able to home X and home Y using the LCD screen, and all works well. Positive movements input on X and Y move core away from limit stops (to top right).



Those symbols indicate you have the wrong baud rate, or the wrong com port. If you try 115200, and it works, then you don’t have V510D flashed. If you get good comms to the device, you can send M115, and it should return a message with 510D in it.

I can’t see the power in the pictures. It looks like you have power now, but that’s something we look at when there is no motor movement. Maybe you already got over that hurdle.

Yes I fixed the power issue. Just needed jumper to the second power port I had overlooked.
LCD screen shows 510D on it.

Instructions i read on repetier had 250000 but will change to 115k again and retry it, thanks

edit: here is the log.


here is the settings

I was able to make the garbled text stop by choosing RTS=high and DTR=low, but still motors won’t move via repetier, nothing back using M115. I can do everything with the LCD though, and all motors work. Just wanting to check out the limit switch operation before I run the machine, which I can do via a memory card, but really would like comms using a PC…

Thanks for any tips!

The v510D firmware is 250k. That is the correct baud. But something is wrong, so I suspect the flash of v510 didn’t take.

I don’t see any feedback from the board. I still don’t think you are talking to the board. I have never had to change RTS or DTR.

Are you sure it is connecting to the right device?

All working now, thank you. It was the RTS and DTR thing. Once I changed back to 250k, WITH the RTS and DTR thing, I got alot of text back from the board, and movements work. THANKS!
Let me know if you ever need anything CO2 laser cut up to 24x36, will be glad to supply free labor, thanks

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That is very kind of you. I haven’t ever thought of asking for stuff like that here.

What kind of cutter do you have? I have been toying with getting one for the last eternity.

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As much time as you spend helping people here, it is the least I can offer, thanks.

I have a Foster Laser, 600mm X 900mm (aka 6090), Hiwin rails X and Y, 100W RECI tube, Ruida wireless controller. link
I’ve had a little 200x300 I bought for $450 off Amazon for a fun hobby, turned into a side hustle which paid for this big one off capital reinvestment.
The only slight issue I have at all, is that I cannot send my typical product’s inkscape SVG design direct to the Ruida. I use lightburn software, which does not allow stroke thicknesses - it ignores that. So I have to convert my native editable svgs over to a high dpi PNG and paste them over the vector text and images they are replacing.
But it will cut 6 ply birch (true 1/4") in 1 pass, and I am comfortable running it at 300 mm/s on raster. Also can engrave on pieces that are 10" or do deep, and came with a rotary attachment (you run by plugging the Y cable into the rotary stepper, while the X positions the length of the piece).

If you are thinking of importing one, definitely reach out for tips. i watched a few videos of people buying 6040s, and you can get them cheap if you are not afraid having sub-grade parts and zero tech support. I mean they work. But I put another $200-$300 into my $450 laser after I bought it, and hours just to get it ready to use the first time (they don’t properly ground the machines with 20,000 volts) so i didn’t make that mistake the second time.


That’s really cool. I think it will stay in the dream state for me now. I don’t really have the space or jobs queued up to justify it. Someday I will just pull the trigger though.

It’s alive! (sort of)

Next step is figuring out how to cram all the wires into the mesh, or pull them with fish tape maybe.
Any videos?

Pic of board enclosure:
Had Z movement in the print, and didn’t surface prep, but I can always redo it later…
Put a blue racing stripe on it, because why not. Now I’m thinking I need to jazz up the dewalt with blue also…

It seems I am enjoying drawing out the build process alot. maybe more than I will enjoy learning the CAM and making things, but I guess time will tell.

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