Steppers wont move but will tick

I’ve followed the instructions for setting up my mini-rambo up to the point where i was ready to test my steppers in repitier. I can connect the board to repitier but when I tell it to move any amount on any axis it makes a couple of sharp tick sounds and thats it. If i tell it to move back it doesn’t do anything, the only way to get it to tick again is unplug and plug the power plug back into the board, reconnect it and tell it to move again.

You need to list all the electronics you are using since it is not all from here.



power supply


That is a fake/import board and it does not work with my firmware. I am not sure why at this point but there are a few of you that have them. One of you is bound to figure out what they changed.

I was afraid it might be a fake after reading some of the other posts on here. I’m pretty new to all this stuff so I didn’t really know what to look out for when I was buying it. Thanks for the help.