Stiffening X and Y rails on MPCNC

I have an idea that I think will beef up the X and Y rails to allow for longer spans. The idea is to attach 1/2" X 1/2" X .125" angle iron to the side of the tubing. The angle iron could maybe be epoxied to the tubing while clamping them together to keep them straight. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I am building a MPCNC to take up a 4’X5’ table which would give me about a 36" x 48" work area.

This might be easier ?

LowRider should be better for something that big depending on your use.

It seems that .375" x .750" flat bar would be the best fit into the 23.5mm EMT tubing.
Also, .625"x.625"x.065" square tubing may also fit depending on the outside corner radius it has.

I have already printed out all the parts for the MPCNC so I will build this one before I try the lowrider. I’m building this one for my father and he will just be cutting flat plywood, no true 3 axis cutting, so if the router sags in the middle it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. He wanted enough work area to cut out plywood yard art type things. This is just an idea I wanted to float to see if anyone thought it was worth a shot.

Go slow with the feeds for large parts. When the router sags, it will, it does on mine a little, the bit will no longer be straight up and down. This will cause it to start cutting more than the coded depth of cut.
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No sagging.
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