Still being impressed by the lowrider's capabilities

The versatility of the lowrider is awesome, using the appropriate toolheads it’s capable of producing things over 2 feet tall and can also provide fine detail on something less than two inches round.


That is a pretty amazing demo right there. I never really thought of it that way but your projects really show the range of uses.

Thanks for sharing that, brought a big smile to my face before my first cup of coffee is even done.


I know it’s the whole point of “scalable vector graphics” but I thought it was rad that both the wall hanger and the earrings were made using the same source file just scaled to size. It’s kind of funny to be laser cutting 3cm earrings on the 4’x4’ table but I’m happy I have the versatility available to me.


More Disney content but stoked on this design modeled after the Space trader neon sign in Tomorrowland.


Wow: that is insane detail level for the LowRider! (Note to self: tighten up my own tolerances this weekend… :slight_smile:)

Did you have tabs holding those in place as you cut, and then sanded away after?


Those look like they were cut with a laser diode.

Yeah, like @jeffeb3 said the earrings have been done with a diode laser.

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Ah, the laser makes more sense for those super-thin walls getting through undamaged. Still, I’m impressed that a diode laser could burn out those cavities so nicely, and with so little smoke left on the top surface. I’m guessing nice and thin 3mm/1/8" material, and lots of air assist? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup 3mm ply, cuts through with 3 passes of 300mm/sec at 80% power with this “40w” diode laser. It’s been working real well for the few weeks I’ve had it.