Still learning aluminum

making tweaks, this is still the burly edition, im in the process of printing all the primo to convert this one over. (I have 2 of them now)

I still find the 3 flute cuts better than the single, but maybe its my singles im using so I grabbed a couple that ryan sells to try.

This worked pretty well, its only 1/2 the final thickness but this was just to test with what I had in scraps, and its 2 sided machining for the final piece.

F.A.T.T. Fab All The Thangs.


Well that is one impressive test piece!

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What is the thang?

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Exhaust hanger


Did you bevel the edge with the cnc as well? Pretty beefy for an exhaust hanger!

I did, but i think I need to do it slower next time. I got some vibration marks that seem to be coming from the steppers.

I have a titanium exhaust on my car, its a 1mm wall tubing. You can’t weld hangers to it as over time it will tear out, solution is a 360 degree hanger.

@Bobbond000 What bit did you use to engrave F.A.T.T onto the piece?

90 degree chamfer

Nice looking part.

You have any pictures of the edge you cut? What size is your MPCNC? What router/spindle are you using?