Still tring to get it dialed in

So I’m still getting a lot of movement in the spindle and I’m not sure how to take it out. Love the build and it’s a great community please help

Can we get pictures of the build? It looks really close though.

I put a video on the Facebook page but the back wheels on the z are very loose

Nothing should be loose at all, it is an interference fit. I suggest you take it apart and do it again. You might also want to check your printers calibration.

More pictures of the entire build would help, the bearings don’t actually show us anything.

A lot of us don’t use facebook. I say a lot of bad words anytime I think of that asshat.

Yes, at my first try at 3D printing, I made most of the MPCNC parts. After assembly, a couple of the bearings were not rolling.

Did a printer calibration and it was off, making the parts too big. After re-printing the parts, bearings are all snug.


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