Still waiting for bits, meanwhile draw my dog...

Still waiting for some parts, so I tried to draw my dog, most wouldn’t even recognize that it should be a dog at all.

Opened it with and removed the background first.

[attachment file=105403]

Then tried to make an sort of ink drawing in

[attachment file=“Tookie ink.jpg”]

The rest is what inkscape and Estlcam did out of it.

Very nice all around. The pen holder makes me nervous but evidently it works well enough.

That’s right, I printed this one, but I’m simply too lazy to remove the router. I saw better ones today on YT which might have a bit of flexibility build in.

Very nice! I miss my dog. He probably wouldn’t have rastered very well… too much color variation. He was a rescue mutt (shepherd, lab, beagle and something else that made him hate possums).

Nice, how long did all those lines take?

About 3 hours, 47K lines G-code.

Good that I found out about the “create objects automatically” function on Estlcam just before, otherwise you could add another hour or so.