Straight edges? We don't need no stinking straight edges!

I had only recently gotten into wood working before building my MPCNC. One of the things I learned, was to always refence things off a straight jointed edge. My brother in law send me some baltic birch so I could cut his Lowrider parts for him, and at first I thought I could only get one side plate per 12x18 piece. Then I realized I was still thinking like I was cutting stuff with my tools in the garage, and that the CNC doesn’t care if I put something at an angle. So I rotated the pieces in Estlcam, and was able to fit both of them on a single 12x18 piece. So, if you happen to have a MPCNC with a 12x12 working area, you can in fact still cut the Lowrider parts if you rotate the piece.


Nice work!

I should add… that dust shoe works great. I had been cutting things for like 2 to 3 hours straight, and my shop vac wasn’t happy, so I had to turn it off :slight_smile:

This reminds me of rotating my 3D prints, which seems to get better results. Since my bed moves in one direction and the printer head moves in the opposite, it seems to affect accuracy depending on which way I orient the part. Rotating 30*-45* will often give better results, particularly on tall parts.

Kind of a tangent, but kinda related, maybe…

for sure related because a 3d printer is a cnc machine as well. My issue is, i have been printing ALOT and when i started with wood working a few months ago, i had to switch my brain around haha