Straight Line Rip Saw

So on some occasions I come up with off the wall ideas that really serve me well in my shop. A big thank you goes out to Ryan and others who helped formulate the making of this straight line rip saw. The brackets are printed at 115% to accommodate the 1" conduit I used from Lowes. This is manually powered but could easily be hooked to a controller.


Woodsmith keeps promoting their panel cutting saw. I couldn’t help but think of using Ryan’s parts for something like that. Good idea just scaling it for bigger pipe.

You could use this as a panel saw as well. I happen to have a panel saw which is where the bracket/plate that the circular saw that is attached comes from. My headache is most panel saws won’t allow an 8ft board to get a straight line rip. In my case, the max size I can get to rip on my panel saw is 5.5 ft. Thus- the new saw :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff

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Photo doesnt work for me?

I saw the facebook post though, i like the idea :slight_smile: