Striations in the print

I tried a print of the Bed Bearings, choosing to print six at once since I have a couple of friends who want printers now that mine is working. Although the base of these is fine, the upper portions are really striated, enough that one broke while pulling it off the tape. Anyone have suggestions as to what’s going on? As you can see from the corners I have sitting nearby I’ve been getting pretty good results, and I didn’t change anything for this print.

I think I printed mine in a different orientation so that if you put the bearing in it, it would be sitting like a coke can. That will make it so that the only overhang is the little holes for the zip ties, but the rings will print on nice solid layers.

I can’t really tell from the pictures if it’s just a problem with the overhang, or if it’s having problems where there is no overhang.

That makes sense, I’ll try printing them rotated 90 degrees when I get home tonight.

The first suggestion is good, but it doesn’t explain everything.
You should get decent results even with this orientation, even if this is not optimal.

I would think that this is a heat issue, the bottom is fine because it has more time to cool down, the top has smaller areas to print, so less time to cool down. Do you have fans to cool your part on your print head? They are one of the most important key to get good printing results.

(BTW, the pictures are horribly blurry, it is very hard to tell what could be the issue since we basically can’t see anything clearly :wink: )

The second image was an experiment with a stick-on 4X lens for my phone… I think the polymer the lens is made from has issues. I couldn’t focus that close without the lens added.