Stuck on LCD Install - Advice Needed!

Hey everyone - new to everything CNC but have been completing my first build over the past 2 weeks. Fully up and running from my PC, but now trying to install / use the Full Graphic Smart Controller LCD. I’ve got it connected (even reversed the port 1), and it says MPCNC ready. BUT when I use the knob after any click or turn the LCD goes to the initial Marlin 1.1.0-1 boot screen.

I’m pretty sure I need to install / change some sort of code but am completely lost as to how to do this (via the Arduino desktop application while connected to the miniRambo?).

If anyone can point me to where the step by step might be for getting the LCD up and running, that would be awesome! Looking forward to running the MPCNC off of a SD card and not the laptop. Thanks everyone!

Reversed port 1?

If you see the text your screen should need no other programming.

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Thank you for the quick reply! When I initially plugged in the LCD I was getting a clicking sound - that went away when I flipped the direction of the port 1 plug on the miniRambo.

I’m attaching pictures of what I see when I turn on the power. The XYZ coordinates flash “?”. When I turn or click the knob, the LCD screen goes to the “Marlin” boot screen then back to the XYZ flashing.

Thank you!


The question marks are normal, the rooting is not.

The lcd cables should be facing the same way, here are some pictures,

You can click on it to get a better view.

I do not think that is the issue but could be so please verify them. One cable is power and control the other is for the SD card so if the SD card cable is wrong it could reboot. Where did you get the screen from? Are you plugged in with the usb, power supply, or both?