Stuff a robot weilding a carbide tool cut for me

Just fiddling with settings



3- This one is a bit fuzzy/hairy because I was using a ball end mill and a 50% step over, no finishing pass (2.5D). About 7 minutes to mill

The picture exaggerates the finish on this thing. The flat part is perfect, super smooth. The doughnut is a bit rough at the extreme edges but not nearly as rough as it looks in this picture. I should have done the waterline finish pass for this one instead of the scan lines.
So much to learn.
Should I go deeper and slower per pass or shallower and faster?

What tools do you recommend?

I have bought all mine from drillman1 on ebay. Get a set of 1/8" assortment and you’ll be fine. They are cheap enough to get the right one for the job, it makes a huge difference. Wood, plastic, metal, they all have a specialty bit.

what tool are you using here?

That was an 1/8" 2 flute ball end mill.
Needed to do a little lower step over on the finishing pass. Hope to do more milling this weekend going to need some end stops for this one I think.

What software tools are you using? I’ve been using Estlcam and Repetier Host as you mentioned for a month or 2 now and I love it, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to carve a shape the way you have with the doughnut. I’ve been taking designs in Adobe Illustrator, converting to paths, exporting to dxf files, importing those into Estlcam, picking the appropriate tool for the path, and finally exporting the project as a .nc file into RH. That works fine for me.

But for a 3d (or 2.5D) design I usually use 123Design, but I haven’t had any luck figuring out a format to get into Estlcam. Or if I did, I couldn’t ever figure out a way to get it out to a .nc file. Can you please describe the process you used for the doughnut?

And I’ll try again now and see what issues I run into in case I just was missing something really basic.

Use an .STL file. When you open that a whole new menu will open up.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Greg -
Christian has some great videos on his Youtube channel. Hopefully this one will help you out.
Estlcam 3D video

Having trouble finding drillman1 on eBay. Can you post a link to the end mill assortment please?

im currently using the dewalt and it has been working great, but it is quite large and no speed options. Most of my bits are 1/4" because i work with a router from time to time. Is there a 1/4" collet available?

My dewalt came with both collets eigth and quarter so if you don’t have one they must sell them somewhere.
I did a little speed control post with a light dimmer on the site cost about $7, or you can buy a router speed controller, they are about $20.

I’m sorry I should rephrase all of what I said. By tool i meant motor and by I am using 1/4" with dewalt and hoping that whatever motor you are using has a 1/4" collet.

what motor are you using?

In these pictures I was using this,
I now use the DW660 it is much better and cheaper at the same time.

darn. Im hoping to get something as powerful but much lighter.

Are you having issues with weight? The DW660 seems to be ideal for this. You can always get a real spindle but they cost a lot more money for very little benefit.

yeah, I am realizing that… I think I will stick with the dewalt for now. Its not so much weight as much as it is diameter. It hangs out enough to put a significant moment on the carriage. It sort of tips at a slight angle. I feel like I could get better results with a lighter tool/smaller tool.

Raise the work piece up instead of lowering the tool.