Stutter Stepping Thru .svg Curves?

I was cutting a file drawn in Carbide Create which AFAIK only exports in .svg format, the file is basically a square with a semi-circular arch on top and an inner circle concentric with the arch… When I went to set the origin in Estlcam I noticed those little circles that denote nodes around the curved portion, when I went to create toolpaths I didn’t get any message like I needed to use manual shape detection so I thought nothing of it. The inner circle was done as a hole and cut fine, the outline was cut as a part and while the straight lines cut normally, in started stutter stepping as soon as it hit the curved portion, the cut is no where near as smooth a curve as the inner circle. What has me baffled is since it works thru an entire circle normally, why the difference in a half circle?

can you pull the svg into inkscape and ‘simplify’ the curve?

I honestly don’t know, I’ve only fooled with Inkscape a little bit and have found it pretty easy to get lost in. And the full circle I cut from the .svg is fine so it kinda baffles me why the half goes wacky. It’s also kinda strange if I go to set the origin in Estlcam that it shows nodes on the straight line sections and if I enlarge the shape nodes also appear on the complete circle. With enlargement I also notice a not so smooth transition from straight line to curve even though the dimension of the square and diameter of the circle where they meet are identical. Maybe I’m just chasing wild geese thinking Carbide Create was a nice, uncomplicated way of drawing 2D?

That’s what I’m wondering. It sounds like it used small sections to make the half circle instead of an arc.

Greatly enlarging the Estlcam drawing there appears to be a little liking where the verticals meet the semi-circle. I’d swear I aligned the centers before I used the Boolean function to combine the two but as soon as I get a few things done around the house/garage I’m gonna redraw it and dry run it, it slowed way down around the arch the first time I ran it so it’s visually apparent. I had high hopes that CC was the simple 2D program I’d been looking for.

Well, I got it to work, my best guess why it didn’t work the first go 'round is I likely forgot to join the vectors. What seems strange is Estlcam made one path for the ‘part’ function yet went wonky for half and normal for the other.