successful laser burn with mpcnc

Finally got a decent laser burn/etch tonight. this is just a picture of my little baby girl. think i need to increase the feedrate just a tad as it looks a little dark. Otherwise I’m happy with the results. thanks to vicious and leo69 for sharing their design and add on tutorials!

Nice job David! Yup looks like you need some feed rate tweaking but it’s all downhill from here. For wood engravings that you plan to keep I’d recommend poplar because it’s light and not much grain. The grain always shows through. I use mdf for dialing in settings for wood. Are you using image2gcode? What is resolution set to?

Cool Thanks! Yes I’m using image2gcode. I’m pretty sure I’m using the default resolution of 0.18. What resolution are you using? But yea… I want to keep getting the gcode dialed in on scrap wood before I try something I want to keep. Think I might hit up Hobby Lobby and see what types of wood they have! I also downloaded inkscape and jtech’s plugin. Seems like it should work. Figured I’d try that for some actual laser cutting next.

With your lens you can go as low as .15 or .16mm resolution if the laser is well focused. The setting you’re using is fine too.

@David - I’m not sure if the G1 code before setting the feed rata is required for sure so I don’t want to submit change to GitHub until I test personally. I did make the revision and am attaching here for you. (176 KB)