Suddenly having a bunch of issues

So, I have been making cribbage boards out of walnut. A couple days ago, this happened

Not a huge deal, put a plug in, and redrilled a few holes manually. not perfect, but good enough fix.

But…today :rage:
Two more spots, which must have knocked a clamp loose, so on the outline, chaos

So, put in a new bit (1/8 upcut from V1) and… first set of holes…

…so, this is on two different boards.
…with two bits.

…it can’t be speed, as there’s no lateral motion when pecking holes…

but the settings I have


Are you sure that is an upcut and not a downcut? It looks like it is having trouble getting rid of the chips so the bit is wandering.

Check carefully for anything that might have broken on the router mount or the gantry that would cause it to wobble.

Maybe add an air blast to blow the chips out?

It’s this bit

Nothing looks broken

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Two thing I had spindle mount broken or loose and grub screws loose both did what you are showing

Spindle seemed secure, couldn’t find anything broken. I’ll double check tomorrow when I go back out to the shop

Looks like it’s missing steps.
Check your pulleys tightening screws first, then check if something isn’t binding somewhere.
From what I see on your 3rd pcture, the problem seems to happen on the left to right axis.
Your bearings seem particulrly dirty so maybe one’s not turning smoothly anymore

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Ok, so my plan… at lunch, I’m going to go remove the router, and double check nothing is broken, check the bolts on the gantry, blow out the dust…

Then try to resquare it (vertically as well)… is there a diagram with arrows to which bolts to adjust for specific movements (burly).

Well, taking it apart, and putting it back together, nothing was broken, and it seems fine now… :crossed_fingers: for when I do a longer job on it.

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Nope, maybe I’m pecking too deep? This makes no sense. I made several before this, exact same file, same wood, no issues ever. Now I can’t get through 15 little holes without failure. Aargh!!!

Should I have this much play on the z with motors on?

tightening the big long vertical screw that runs through this a bit all seems to have removed most of that wobble… and it’s now cut ~70 holes without an issue :crossed_fingers: