Suggested leg height for milling

still building my own MPCNC, size will be 1000mmx800mm. Since i will only use this for milling / engraving i decided that the suggested legth for Z will be about 350mm, which will give about 150mm height. No i am wondering how long the corner feet tubes need to be. I planned to use about 100mm lenght, saw others which are much higher… material thickness for milling will be about 50mm and i want to use 20mm board for clamps and additionally 20mm hard-foam, so the starting height for the material is about 40mm above the mounting points of the corner-feet. Since ist is almost impossible (or expensive) to get the Dewalt660, i will use a Makita M3700, which seems a little bigger (65mm diameter) and the lower end of chasis is right at the end of the mounting plate. Could someone please make a suggestion for the tube length for the corner feet according to my setup?
Thx for your help

Hi Markus,

there is a calculator, which might help you to get the correct lengths for your conduit:
Cut Calculator for the MPCNC (mm)

Hope this helps…

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thx for your reply, but i do not need the overall calculation, this was already done but with a different calculator. the mentioned by you also suggests the leglength, so i am satisfied. will use 150mm for the legs. thank you

You might want to double check all your lengths if you used a calculator other than mine (The one Juergen linked). The rest are probably outdated.

Already checked. The linked one gives almost 40mm more buildarea :slight_smile: since my build size is limited by my table size the tube length are maxed out. And the 25 mm version fits perfectly on my stainless steel brushed tubes, no wiggling, absolutely perfect. Thank you for your work and keep going. You rock