Suggestion: V1 engineering products map!

Hi Ryan and the other admins, just a thought, why not adding a user map, I am pretty sure you can find the appropriate WP plugin, it would be nice to see where V1 engineering machine are located around the globe, might be helpful to get in touch with makers in your surroundings?

We’ve talked about it before. I forget why it hasn’t been implemented. Maybe a cost thing.

Yup, it would be cool but for the amount for users we have the prices are insane. We could not find a way around it.


We couldn’t find a solution that:

  1. scales to the number of users we have, many thousands.
  2. is free, or very cheap.
  3. is simple. Don’t want another job.
  4. won’t infringe on people’s privacy. It would be better if Ryan wasn’t sharing people’s info directly. It would be better if people could add their location to the map.

Dang…I thought I had one for the shop that would show the last 500 orders…it didn’t work, the rest are very expensive. not this one, its free and if people dont fill in their location, they do not appear on the map…!


That plugin has not been updated in 4+ years, too much of a security risk unfortunately.

Will have a deeper look at it tomorrow!

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I think you’d have to pay for a google maps api for business use too. I can’t remember.