Super pid dw660

Not sure if anyone here can help but I finally decided to pick up a super pid for my dw660 I got everything wired up but when I flip the switch to start the router I get a start failure on the super pid. I contacted the manufacturer but it hasn’t helped snice they keep sending me information about the dw611

Did you gut your 660 like the manual said to do? I don’t own a yellow router, but I am pretty sure the 660 has a speed control built in (has a speed dial on it). That circuit would have to be bypassed to use the pid for control. Some Google fu confirms this for the 611 at least:

The reason this is required is the pid control is designed to see nothing but a brushed motor on the output. A likely reason you won’t get much official support on this is liability. Nobody wants to illustrate how to connect deadly wires to a non trained professional. So please be careful here… this mod requires toying with mains wiring. If you aren’t familiar and cozy wiring 120/220vac, then you should find someone else to do the mod on your router.

If all fails, I don’t mind doing the mod for free but you’d have to handle shipping to abs fro.

So that’s the issue I can’t find any info on the 660 so I don’t think it has any thing that would need to be modified it’s really just the motor and a switch inside

I’m betting the super pid is replacing the stock speed control on the 661. The problem you’re having is that the 660 doesn’t have a speed control to replace. I’m assuming there’s other circuitry in the 661 that the 660 is missing keeping it from working.

it must be but the 660 are pretty cheap so i think im just going to pick up a Makita and give that a shot

The 660 is a dumb brushed motor. It does not have speed control and can be controlled easily with a triac. I don’t know super PID though, so I don’t know what the issue is.

Despite having a smaller number, the 611 is bigger, has a built in speed control (and leds and a base).

Yeah it’s a pretty werid issue so I’m going to look for a cheap router to test and see if it works then

I just read this thread and it is a good combination of naivety and genius.

I bet I could replace the potentiometer on my 611 with a digipot and then have some closed loop speed control for nearly free.

But a lot of the advice in there (about open loop vs closed and the knowledge of LEDs) isn’t right.

Really great ideas and pictures though. Thanks for sharing.

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So I went out a picked up a makita rt0701c cut out all of the speed control I need to and still getting the start up failed error on the super pid.not sure what else it can be beside the board itself I have emailed them to see if they have any other ideas but I appreciate all the help guys

Get rid of the super PID and just use the makita as is?

Most of us are using the dumb dewalt 660 without any speed control whatsoever without any issues.

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That might be the plan for my sanity but I prefer not to just throw away $200 for this thing

Then buy the router it was designed for.

The SuperPID appears to me to be a more finished version of the speed controller you can build yourself from the AC controller and DIY board in the V1 shop. I’ve got the V1 shop solution running on my DW660, although the LCD RPM display sometimes goes glitchy, probably due to it all being shoe horned too closely together in an old reused enclosure.

Oops - it appears the PID Development Kit is currently sold out, but the AC Controller and optical sensor are still available as separate listings. Check out the development kit listing for the additional parts required if you’re interested.

im still going back and forth with them about my issues they are saying it might be the optical sensor but it seams to be working all i know this is getting kinda of annoying

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It seems like a good choice. I hope you can figure it out. There have been a few posts about super PID, but not for a few years.

Did you prove that the speed control works in open loop mode?

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Yeah that kind of money is harder to forget about, and that is not even thinking of the desire to know what/why. If it is possible to verify open loop mode like superflyguy mentioned then at least you know your board isn’t completely bad (maybe possible for the feedback parts to be faulty though). Maybe they will accept a return?

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I honestly didn’t read much of that, but it came up searching for what if any sc may be on a 660. Sounds like that may not even be the issue after all, but that doesn’t let me off for posting trash… sorry guys.

That is interesting the 611 only has a pot for control. Most “soft start” routers do have feedback circuitry in their speed controllers. I am pretty sure that you could come up with tighter and more powerful control for the 611 vs stock. If there is a limitation with stock that you need to eliminate, then it sounds easy enough to be worth a shot to me.

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so i put it on open loop mode and it still did not power the router

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Almost sounds like a single phase VFD would be a lot easier to set up.