Super pid dw660

So if it doesn’t work in open loop it isn’t the optical sensor causing this error. BTW, the dw660 should work fine as well.

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Thanks for confirming that for me I have been going back and forth with them and they are kinda getting on my nerves. They thing every thing wrong is with the sensor and talk to you like your stupid

Also, if the sensor is working my understanding is you should be able to see the rpm if you power up the router by connecting it directly to the mains.


That I did not try yet I will give it a shot later today but I think it’s a power issue because regardless the router will not turn on when plugged in to the superpid

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thanks for the tip it did show the rpm once I plugged it in to an outlet. so the issue that im having is without a doubt a power issue from the out side of the board not sure how i can fix that i did run out and get a new fuse but that did not work. i guess i have to wait until they reply back because this is defective

Can you plug something else into it, like a lamp with an incandescent bulb?

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I agree it’s a problem with the controller. At least you can call them out on their sensor BS.

so that seemed to work but has really dim

Can you make it go full with open loop mode :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued… do you have a picture of the board and schematic/wiring diagram? I’d like to try to help you out and possibly try it out myself

Nope it seems to be putting out some power at all times but won’t let me use the pot to increase it witch seems to go back to the original error of start up failed

I don’t know the supa pid. But that sure seems like a smoking gun that the Variac is broken.

I can take some pictures but. Not sure if they released the schematic

Stupid question, is the pot wired correctly? I’ve had similar results when the mechanics have miss wired a pot.

I believe it is snice it will bring up the pot menu when I turn it but I have checked everything else so I will give that a look too

I saw that and tried to look for the part it seems alot of places are sold out as of now

Off topic, but what would be cool is to keep the router at full power and use feedback to reduce feed rate to achieve target (minimum) rpm, set not too far below the no-load rpm.


So I’m still waiting to hear back from them to see if I can just get a exchange but while I wait Im going to track down a replacement triac like Jeffb suggested. Most places I’m comfortable buying from are sold out but if anyone knows where they are instock at let me know

What are they using in there now? You can probably find something else that’s suitable.

BTA26-800CWRG this is what I found I’m not sure if it’s current it’s kinda hard to read on the chip it’s self