Superglue let go

5/16" bolt for giggles. Superglued it into the hole, bolt got warm and the glue let go, then the trochodial spirals started unscrewing the bolt.


Awww that would have been the coolest logo yet!

I’ll probably pull the waste board and mount the vice. That’ll hold it! It was a little heavy on the cuts, whole Z was tilting a touch, but wasn’t skipping steps. Makes me think it almost needs a third clamp further up the router.

You’re going to need a V1logo shaped spanner when you finish that…

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Heck, the spanner should be easy… Once you get the tool steel settings right.

Vise worked much better!

There was flexing, but no skipped steps.



That lil endmill has put in some serious service, time for it to retire proudly!

Nah, five minutes with a file and it’ll be ready to go again. :slight_smile:

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You might try a 1/4 inch endmill. I have only milled copper for one project so far, but I was able to remove far more material with the 1/4 inch bit. Since I broke an 1/8th inch bit removing less material, I have to assume the extra thickness of the bit makes it stronger and therefor can remove more.

Especially since chip removal is not a huge issue in your application.

Probably, but quarter inch end mills cost more. These little 8th inchers are disposable. That and I was just screwing around. I try not to touch steel whenever possible.

These were not too expensive.

AUTOTOOLHOME 1/4 inch HSS 4 Flutes End Mills Milling Cutter End Drill Bit Straight Shank Pack of 2

Four flutes causes it’s own problems with the speeds we rotate at.