SVG images in Sandify

Apparently there is an ecosystem of plotting robots called “axidraw” robots. I have been looking at some of the websites that create patterns for them, and they export SVG files.

I didn’t realize it, but svg files are xml, and they support shape types like circle, path, line, etc.

I am playing with just exporting SVG files with one long “path” tag with the vertices.

I am also thinking about reading in svg files to turn into a sandify pattern. With this, almost every pattern will have more than one shape, and I will have to stitch them together. I can do this a “dumb” way of just connecting them in the order they come in, or I can use one of Bob’s objects to make them connect to the closest neighbor.

I have no idea how that will turn out for random svgs copied from google images. I’m guessing not well…

You guys have thoughts on everything. So, thoughts?

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