SVG images in Sandify

Apparently there is an ecosystem of plotting robots called “axidraw” robots. I have been looking at some of the websites that create patterns for them, and they export SVG files.

I didn’t realize it, but svg files are xml, and they support shape types like circle, path, line, etc.

I am playing with just exporting SVG files with one long “path” tag with the vertices.

I am also thinking about reading in svg files to turn into a sandify pattern. With this, almost every pattern will have more than one shape, and I will have to stitch them together. I can do this a “dumb” way of just connecting them in the order they come in, or I can use one of Bob’s objects to make them connect to the closest neighbor.

I have no idea how that will turn out for random svgs copied from google images. I’m guessing not well…

You guys have thoughts on everything. So, thoughts?


So… Curious if you’ve thought about adding this again?
I’ve been trying to figure out a way to add simple svg/images to my paths. Couldn’t find anything but then I stumbled into this old thread :slight_smile:

No. I haven’t messed with it. I think with the right caveats it could work. I’m getting quite the backlog I need to find time to work on it some more.