Swapping to DIV268N drivers

HI again,

I have 3 x DIV268N stepper drivers that I had bought a couple years ago along with Nema 23’s.

I have wired one to the board following the diagram attached. I haven’t powered it up yet, will do that in the morning since I have to go to the shed. Just wanting to know peoples opinion on using these drivers with the ramps board and the stock NEMA17’s. I won’t use the 23’s as I’ve read here it is not a good idea.

So any advice and/or dip switch configurations recommendations would be great. BTW I was planning on powering just the drivers from a 24V PS I have, but apparently these drivers will work with 12V also. Do I just use the one 12V PS for all?

Apparently 24V is a better option either way but modifications need to be made to the board.

I haven’t used those drivers so I can’t really say anything about them.

Thanks Ryan,

I managed to get this setup to work as per the diagram I attached, with the only difference I had to leave out the EN- & EN+ and left them disconnected. If I have those EN ports connected, the stepper doesn’t move in either direction.

I have only hooked this up on a bench at the moment to see if I could get the setup to work. I have looked into modifying the ramps board for 24V and on mine, not much is needed as the caps are already 30V rated. I just need to cut the diode that powers the arduino. Either way I have decided to use 2 P/S, a 12V and a 24V (I have spares). The 12V will power the ramps, and the 24V will power the drivers, which in turn will drive the 12V Nema 17 stepper motors.

I’m going to permanently wire my setup like this hopefully today.


I hope this is helpful for anyone looking to do the same or use external drivers with their boards!