T8 Lead Screw Nut And Length

Went I install my Z Tubing assembly on the Middle assembly, I install it with the lead screw nut on the bottom instead of it up on top ( Did not put enough attention on pictures ) However it does run good that way with no binding and turn really light by hand. Any logical raison way I should take it all apart just to reverse the nut location?

Also I have use the 300 mm T8 lead screw with 11 1/2 inch tubing for the Z assembly. At this point my lead screw is about 1 1/4 inch to long, should I make new tubing 12 3/4 ( which I do have ) plus it would give me more travel height, or cut off the T8 lead screw by 1 1/4 inches?

The machine is strongest with the shortest Z build. The way you have it no you can’t fully retract the Z axis and the screw sticking out means you can’t get close enough to your work piece. Basically you are artificially limiting your z axis throw.

The major problem is actual all the debris that will stick to your lubricated rod and eventually cause it to stick.

OK then the I will disassemble and re-assemble the right way, plus shorten the lead screw.

Thanks Ryan

You should be able to just take the nut off and put it on the top. 5 minute fix.

That was my first option, however the top flange do not have that insert cut out for the nut to fit in not much material shoulder either, so I decided to do it the right way and take the center section back off the tubing and re-install it the right way, will do a better job. It wasn’t as bad as I first taught, have it reverse already, just have to re-do the wiring.