T8 leadscrew + firmware

Hi, I am going for the leadscrew adjustment. Got my pre-flashed Ramps 1.4 in january 2017.

Downloaded the MPCNC813_GLCD_T8 -32nd stepping firmware but saw a line in the change log about a resistor. Do I have to do something with this?



If you have a resistor plugged into port T0, you no longer need it, if you don’t …perfect.

Ah, yes, that’s what I already thought…

But, since I am an electronics-dummy I know I do have stupid questions: What’s port T0 and did you put a resistor in it when I purchased it from you, that I have to get out?

Thanks again.

Second picture, to be clear there should be nothing there. Just like in the picture.


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Yes, I have a resistor to remove. Thanks

Cool, glad that made sense. It was actually a little harder to explain than I thought. Pictures!

This leadscrew is an improvement indeed!