He here I am trying o make a table while wait for the kit arrives, so want to ask for the ones that have built a table before, which is the thickness of the beams that have you used, or if anyone made one out of aluminum.

I mean, my point is which should be the thickness of the beams, if they were like 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall, since wonder how high this should be to make the lowrunner go seamlessly. And since I want to cut 48 feet pieces, I am thinking about making it a total of 60115 inches, to have a total of 2 extra inches on each side for clamping, so maybe I can get any suggestions coming from you all.

Also about the legs, how many do you recommend me, 4 or 6 legs?? and where should I place them, like one foot inside the table to avoid hitting my toes or should they be placed on the inside of the long beams just for support?.

Personal suggestion, 6 legs with significant diagonal cross bracing. I am putting the frame edge back 4 inches from the edge of the table and legs inside that. Also, given my floor, putting leg levelers is needed to adjust to the floor.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Jack, that will be of great help now I am more confident about the kind of build I need to do.

How is it going? Any pix?

Yes, I did finish it, and well, to begin with, took me some effort learn a bit about welding, so it actually took me some time, but I am confident with the table, its pretty sturdy and no way that it’s moving neither with me dancing on it, but was not able to really come with the levelers

I will post some pic later, because my phone was stolen and lost everything, and now I am out of the country