Table size????

So I’ve decided to join the MPCNC family. I truly cant wait to get this started. Im going to start building a table but what to make sure I build to have the most bang. So my question is.

Whats the best size table one should build for a 24x24 cnc? I just want to make sure a have plenty of space. I would hate to build it to small.



I build mine as small as possible becuase i usually clamp to the edges. Some peiple make it big and use fancy tracks and clamp systems.

Right on. What was the size of yours?

I built mine 3 ft by 4ft so I’d have an extra foot of space on one side, since my 24"x24" is actually just a bit larger than the 24" cut area and total size is pretty close to 3’x3’.

Awesome thanks Bill.

i also intrigue, of this design…
was thinking of the ikea lack table:
turn it upside down and place the MPCNC on the top of legs, although in may be to deep, can place a elevated bed, like another table or platform…

I dont think its mentioned ANYWHERE (please correct me if I am wrong), but figure that the Z axis jig and the rollers/etc takes up just under 300mm x 300mm in the X/Y.

My pipes on my build were 1200 (X) and 900 (y) (in mm)

my X/Y area of usable mill is 899mm (X) by 599mm (Y). that is if I don’t have endstops. if you have them, you need to take the endstop gap off it as well.

also for all you people in countries that don’t use metric(only 3) remember that all the software, (marlin,estlcam/simplify3D/etc) use metric.

All calibration is done in Metric. Printer filament is sold in Metric sizes (3mm or 1.75mm). Please learn to use it in other area (like Feet/yards/etc) or at least if you still use imperial as your default add the metric sizes in brackets when you review you post(spell checking/etc) before committing it.

Hehe, my problem (as a citizen of one of those backward countries) is that the measuring tapes I can buy here are only marked in cubi^H^H^H^H inches and feet. That means I either have to haul out the calculator or do approximates. My working area is 600x600, give or take. I cut my conduit in three equal pieces. :slight_smile:

My table is 49.3 attoparsecs square.

What is your feed rate in nanofortnights?

Some of my feeds, depending on material would be 1 attoparsec per nanofortnight! Would be about 30mm per second for you heathens out there.

What’s that in MPG?

We always get fuel consumption in MPG over in the UK, but at the pump, fuel is always in litres


In continental Europe, TV sizes are always specified in diagonal inches


At least UK tape measures have always had both imperial and metric on them. European ones I’ve seen only have metric (yes I know we’re Europeans too, European is short-hand for all the others to us).

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