Table top thickness??


I built the table and need help on the table top thickness. Can I use 1/2" MDF for the top? The side panel moves on the table edge and I think its requirement is not to exceed 4". Can I go a little higher then 4" since my table is built out of 2x4 studs.




Over 4 inches and you’ll hit plastic parts.

See how the lower bearing holders are directly under the wheels, this is why the 4 inch requirement.

From the bottom of the wheel to the top of the bearing holder is 4 and 1/8th inches.

Wow…I am exactly at 4" with the 1/2" MDF on top…so I got 1/8" clearance…is this pushing it or will it be OK?..I can push the width out to 59" by adding 2x2 to the sides…I got plently of length for the round bar since its not cut yet.

Thanks for the visual on the setup!


I think I left an extra 1/8" so you should be good.