Tabletop pcb router

So, I’ve been wondering… if I put a dremel on an mp3dp and flash the Cnc firmware to it, can I make it work as a tabletop pcb router?

I’d think that aside from maybe stiffness of the middle being a possible issue with a big dremel instead of a small extruder it should work, right?

Maybe then design a new center part that doesn’t snap together and mount the dremel there…


Slap on a flex shaft instead like we used to, keep it as straight (non bent) as possible to minimize load and overheating of the shaft. It would be cool. There was a MP3DP with a laser attachment at MRRF.

The firmware will be a hybrid of the two. You’ll have to turn off the temp/extruder stuff of the MP3DP firmware, or adjust the steps/mm on the CNC firmware.