TAK game made with lowrider2

We love to play a German game called Tak. We have the original board for 4 players. The boards are expensive especially the 6 player version so I just made my own. Here is the result.
My lowrider2 is about 740 mm wide and about 1880 long (2.5’ by 6’).
The art work I did with a separate laser. At some point in time I’ll add the laser to the lowrider.
Was a fun project.


That’s a beautiful game board! Nicely done.

Did you 3d model the board? Curious what programs you use/like from start to finish. I use F360 for 3D and Inkscape for .svg.

I’m trying to make a wish list of projects to justify a MPCNC. This is on the list.

Do you know of a link to game rules? We love board games here.
I searched and found many Tak-Tic boards … like chess. No round boards

I found some info on board and game play… I see a card set is needed. And a six player game goes for $235… your not kidding expensive!

Here is the link to the manuals. They have them in English.
Indeed you need cards, 100 plus 4 extra optional cards.
We bought a set of blank cards from Amazon and made our own. I can give you the count per card type if you like.
I’ve used fusion 360 for both 3D and print. Laserweb was used to burn the fusion output. I think it was dxf format.
I spend 14 usd on the wood. It is a table top. As well about 8 usd on varnish. Cards were around 9 usd.

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Thank you for the info.

That’s board is definitely a family keepsake.

I wondered if the wood was a table blank. Its usually less expensive than buying planks and gluing them up!

Nice work.
Be safe


Indeed a table top. Bought is at Menards. less than 15 USD as I recall.
You might have to plane it first as they are not super flat.

It reminds me of aggravation, but with cards, and teams. In aggravation you can jump over others though.

This is also 25x more beautiful. Very cool project.

It looks like the cards are 1-13, so maybe you can just use a deck of regular playing cards?

There are the normal cards; 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 12 they move your the number of places up in the board. and indeed you can not jump another marble. with the exact number you can knock them off.
then there are the special cards;
1 and 13 allow you to get on the board or walk that number of positions
4 moves 4 spots backwards
7 gives you 7 moves of 1 so you can move 1 marble 1 position up another 2 and yet another 4 until you used up 7 moves. this one is great to knock off other marbles.
then there is the 8. you can let the next person on the board skip his/her turn making them throw away one card OR you can just use it to move 8 positions.
then there are the special cards “Trickster” and “TAC”

with Trickser you can switch the position of any two marble on the board no matter from whom they are.
Then the TAC card. This one lets steal/undo what the previous person intended.
Lets say the person before you played the 4 and you like that on for yourself. Then you throw the TAC card. the person before has to undo his 4 and now you can take it over and use it for yourself.

But you really have to read the rules as there are many other small pieces you have to know.

every round you give every person 5 cards and there are 5 rounds before you have to reshuffle the deck.

Another interesting rule is that before you start a round you tell the group if “can go” or you “can not go” meaning that you have at least 1 card “1” or “13” in your hand. After that you exchange one card out of your hand with your buddy. you slide it across the board covered so the other team does not see it.

again read the rule book.
It is a fun game


Love it, very nice work!

We play a very similar game that is usually called “The Game”, also with decks of cards. It is apparently very popular on the RV circuit and I was introduced to it by a couple who used to own an RV park. Modified Parcheesi and a lot of fun. The six player version can also be played with three players, each on their own… Ours uses pegs and there are five per player instead of four.

Sounds like a very similar version of the game. Thanks for the feedback